Dear Toni and Bobby,

We want you to know how happy we were with the excellent service you gave us as our real estate agents.  Your knowledge and your experience were outstanding and your ability to keep us completely informed were so much appreciated. You went above and beyond and for that reason we will highly recommend you anytime we have the opportunity. We feel we have formed a friendship through this whole process and we hope that will carry through for many years.

Very fondly,
Joanie and Pat

Hi Toni and Bobby,

We are so appreciative of everything that you did to complete the sale of my Mom`s house. From scheduling and meeting A.C. guys to dealing with security systems to interfacing with challenging personalities. You were positive, professional, and dedicated. Plus we love you for more reasons than that.

Caryn and my Mom, Ann

Bobby and Toni,

Thanks for your help, truly appreciated. I have been remiss for not thanking you for your continuing help and support. It was a long haul to get here, but with your help and perseverance we`re there or pretty darn close to it. I`m sure you won`t miss dealing with me. I know I wasn`t always easy to say the least. Thanks for

everything. Truly appreciated.

Thanks, R

These are the best realtors we have ever worked with.

Mary Ann

Bob and Toni Garmisa were outstanding! They continued to help us even after the closing. They`re the best.
They exceeded our expectations


We contacted Real Estate agents Bob and Toni Garmisa just to explore the possibilities of buying a home in the desert. What a great team. From the beginning they were intuitive and totally engaged in finding out what we were looking for. Trouble was, we didn`t know what we wanted. Choosing exactly the right place for us was a challenge. Bob and Toni listened to us and got us to better figure out what would make us happy. Bob has the investment knowledge and Toni has the comfort and "homey" imagination. Then, the more definitive choices came as they pointed out what was truly important to lifestyle in the desert­ things we would never have thought of. For example, the way the house is oriented is so important. The view of the mountains was another thing that I didn`t think was that important, but I cannot describe the peace and comfort one gets from the view of the beautiful desert mountain scenery. Bob and Toni knew that too. They also knew what price to pay and how nice our community was.

How did Bob and Toni know the perfect place for us? Because they listened, observed, and took the time to know our likes and dislikes. They have lived in the desert for 25 years and so they personally know what is important and enjoyable. We are so happy with our desert home and we hold Toni and Bob personally responsible for the enjoyment we are getting from it. They are truly caring and knowledgeable agents.

Chuck and Barbara

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